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Working with Zach has not only been challenging, but also rewarding in seeing results I have never seen before. I always struggled in reaching my goal in strength & size and Zach has gone above and beyond my expectations of a personal trainer.


He is more than willing to help out anyone looking for advice and assistance in helping you meet your goal. He expects nothing less than your best and always pushes you to your full potential. Zach truly knows what he is doing and will definitely help you achieve your fantazy results!


- Zachary Rice

Like a lot of people out there, I had been lifting for three years and saw no results. I thought my body was unable to gain muscle mass even though my weights were increasing and I thought it must be genetics.


Two months ago Zach approached me and said he could help. I had three trainers in the past and said they could as well, but I never saw any results. Seeing as how I had nothing to lose and everything to gain I decided to give it a go.


I was very pessimistic, but Zach promised me within a month I would see results. The first thing Zach did was correct my form and drop weight dramatically. He made sure the form was perfect and kept telling me great form and low weight is better than high weight bad form. I took his word for it and have never looked back.


Within one month I saw results. Within two, dramatic results. I couldn’t believe the results and all Zach said was “I told you so”. Today I am finally back to the weights I left off at, only this time my form is correct and from here I can only move up.


The plans he writes for me have me leaving the gym feeling great about my workout and the next day is guaranteed to be a sore one. For those of you out there who find yourself in the same situation as I did, I highly recommend you give Zach a chance.  I guarantee you will see results in a month and never look back just as I did.


- Zachary Smith

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I started lifting doing the p90x CDs but after a while I decided it was time to join a gym. So in April I joined golds gym and like many other people I didn’t know what to do. I thought I was training right and I thought my diet was good!


Then I met Zach and he totally blew my mind! Training with Zach has been a true blessing. He’s teaching me so much about nutrition, lifting, and how to hit the muscle perfect so that it grows correctly.


My bench has gone through the roof and my shoulders and arms have grown so much!!! I used to be one of those guy that didn’t hit his legs much but after meeting Zach my legs have gotten bigger and 10x stronger than they were!


If you aren’t sure about having Zach as a trainer, let me tell you this! Whatever your goals are, Zach will help you reach them! He is the absolutely best trainer anyone could ask for and he has changed my life so much and I am so great full for it.


- Matthew Shirk

My husband and I are in our 50′s. We have been active all our lives. We have a home gym, have done P90X and Insanity programs. We run, hike, and bike. But in the two months that we have been working out with Zach, we have seen the most results in the shortest period of time.


It’s not just a matter of working out hard and often, it’s about doing the right workout with optimal form. Zach will train you, coach you, and encourage you to do more than you thought possible.


- Glenn & Peggy Blue

Finding a personal trainer who best suits your needs is not always an easy task, for whomever you choose must communicate well to determine not only your goals, but your needs as well.


Subject knowledge, personality and looking/living the part themselves are also key. It may take trial runs with several trainers before finding one who will help you reach your full potential, but when you do, it will have been worth the time.


That journey is one I’ve made, having trained with six different people before training with Zach Musser. My previous trainers were just going through the motions, a very routine work out, not really paying attention to what my goals were.


Individual attention and any noticeable results were greatly lacking so I didn’t see the point in having a personal trainer.


After plateauing with my own work outs, I deciding to give another trainer a chance. Having Zach train me was like night and day from my previous experiences. At the close of our first session, I had an “a-ha” moment and thought, “Now I feel like I’m working out with a trainer.”


One thing that automatically set him apart was his knowledge on exercise, nutrition and overall well-being. Zach stays current by constantly researching and learning so he can provide the best possible service.


His own experience lifting and athletic show competing gives him a strong first-hand view of what works and what doesn’t, and he most definitely looks the part of a trainer who pushes himself as much as he pushes his clients.


Zach is very particular on proper form and is very quick to correct any bad habits to ensure best results and to reduce risk of injury. He really pushes you, but never asks you to do the impossible, and all the while you feel his motivation and encouragement.


Not only does Zach train according to personalized goals and needs, he explains why you’re doing it and the benefits and gains.


The techniques and information Zach provides carry over into your own work outs, giving you all around better results. Very soon after I began training with Zach, I had noticeable results, strength gains and muscle development.


As a client, I am extremely pleased. He goes above and beyond, caring about his clients, their interests and their progress. Zach is an excellent trainer, teacher and I feel I have made a good friend as well.


Every time I train with him, I know I’ll be sweaty, most likely sore, most definitely pushed beyond where I’d push myself, but I always look forward to my training sessions. The results are the proof that Zach Musser is a qualified and excellent personal trainer.


- Justin Nickle, age 25